Virtual Wine Tasting - Introduction to Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting - Introduction to Wine Tasting

With current Covid regulations preventing us from running our usual “classroom” events we are going online to offer you the same expertly tutored wine experience

The idea is that we will all have 3 easily sourced wines that are the same for all of us, and we will link in via a Zoom session and taste the wines together over an hour or so. This will be a fun get-together and your host, Justin, will share his knowledge and stories as he looks at a variety of wine styles from around the world - some familiar to you, some less so.
We will open and taste the 3 wines together. (You need only consume a sample of each and afterwards you can follow our wine preservation tips to keep left overs for another day).
You can hop in and out of the sessions as you want, and, it will be recorded and available for you to be able to watch in your own time later on if you want to.

How will we all be tasting the same wine?
There is a £12.50 joining fee per household for the evening, and then, as set out below, you will need to purchase the wines required for the evening.
We will also send joining instructions and you will be able to join via Zoom from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Zoom is proving to be a very sociable medium for wine tasting so we can guarantee you'll have fun! Each session will be around 75 minutes, starting at 7pm.
On each evening, we’ll get together, and we’ll talk about the wines, the regions and countries that they came from, share a few stories, and other than that, just have a jolly good yarn over a couple of glasses of wine.

The world of wine can sometimes seem intimidating in the beginning. It really isn’t. All you need is confidence, and this comes through knowledge. At Glasgow Wine School we will give you that confidence through knowledge.

On this evening, with the help of the wines from around the globe to taste, we will enter the wonderfully diverse and quirky world of wine and provide many pointers to enhance your appreciation of wine.

By the end of the evening we will have covered:

Getting Started with Wine Tasting - Ever wondered why you like some wines and not others? We’re all different. We all like different things, and we'll find out why and how to fine tune your sensory abilities.

How to Taste Wine - Bouquet, tannin, balance, length. You’ve heard them all, we’ll show you just how to develop the ability to isolate flavors and tastes, and how to not only recognise these but to describe them as well.

Discovering Different Wine Types and Grape Varieties - From Chenin Blanc to Chardonnay, Sincere to Sauvignon Blanc or Chianti to Claret. It can seem a minefield, but don’t worry, it won’t be long before it all makes sense.

Exploring Wine Regions - Have you heard of the terms “Old World” or “New World”? Bordeaux or Barossa? Regionality is so important to wine, and we’ll discuss, how the soil and climate affect the wines that we drink.

Reading a wine label and buying wine - Wine lists can seem a nightmare, but we’ll show you how to choose wine with more confidence as we discuss how to interpret wine labels and understand the differences between New and Old World labels.



Introduction to Wine Tasting. 

This first session will cover the basics: how wine is made and where in the world it comes from, how to taste wine and assess it in a relaxed way. We’ll chat about where they wines came from and what makes them different to other similar wines. We’ll also chat about what to look for in wines and how they will pair with food.

Below are the wines required with some suggested options. The wines do not need to be the same as listed, or from the same place, as long as thay are the same style as listed.

Wine No.1 - Sauvignon Blanc. e.g. Wairau Cove Sauvignon Blanc - Tesco's - £7.00
Wine No.2 - Rose (dry). e.g Aime Roquesante Cotes Provence Rose - Tesco's - £7.00
Wine No.3 - Shiraz. e.g Barossa Ink Shiraz - Tesco's £10

If you cannot find these exact wines, don’t despair. As long as they are similar, that’s the important bit, so, if you can’t find the Wairau Cove Sauvignon Blanc in your store, just get another New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at a similar price, and it will be fine – just ask us if in doubt.

If you feel like a few nibbles to go along with the tasting, we will suggest some in the email we will send with joining instructions once you have booked.

Want to rebook from a previously cancelled tasting, or use your Gift Voucher?

If you have booked on any previous course that has had to be postponed due to the coronavirus, you can redeem against these tastings. Remember, each Zoom session is per household, so if you have booked and paid for a single place on one of our cancelled tastings, you would be able to attend 2 of our Zoom sessions, as they are £12.50 each, and if you have booked and paid for 2 places, you would be entitled to book onto 4 zoom sessions.

Please note that this is for the Zoom session only, not for the costs of the wines, that you will need to purchase prior to each event.

If you would like to use a voucher for the tasting, this would be as above, but again, please note that it can be used for the session only, not for the wines.

Just click HERE and add your deatils, name, cancelled course date, or gift Voucher number, and we will get back to you.

***Looking for a voucher for our Virtual Tastings, check out our vouchers HERE***

So, why not join us and change the way you think about wine forever! You’ll try some amazing wines, meet some great new people with a shared interest and have a fantastic time along the way.

To Book, simply click on the link below, and we will email you with details of where to buy the wines, what we will be tasting and the links for the Zoom session.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Places remaining: 15

Course Date/Time: Sat 20th Mar 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Duration: 1h 15min

Venue: Online Zoom Tasting

Event Price: £12.50







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